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Long Island based photographer specializing in portraits, events, sports and landscapes.  30 years experience in photography and image production.  

I've loved photography since I was a kid.  I've always admired the Time-Life photographers who captured lasting images in black and white, photographs that told a story.  I also enjoy capturing life moments and sports photographs of in-game action, images that will last forever, whether it be a game winning shot, a big save, an overtime goal or a happy moment on the sideline with teammates.  While posed sports photographs are ok, I prefer to show athletes on the field, performing the sports they play. These times go by so quickly for parents, why not invest in an image that will last forever?   I'm very passionate about my photography, and it's my goal to show that in my finished images.  Whether it's shooting the Milky Way over the ocean at 3am, a football game in the rain and mud, or getting eaten by mosquitos while waiting for the perfect sunset, I'll do whatever it takes to capture interesting and unique images.  For events like Sweet 16's, Christenings, Anniversary parties, etc,  it's so important to have quality photographs taken to preserve the memories.  

I offer many products to show your images off, from standard prints, downloads, digital image products like mugs, mousepads, playing cards, framed prints, all through my website.  I also create beautiful collages of athletes, in several formats, from foam poster boards, vinyl banners, and canvases.  I also offer 3D images etched in beautiful highly polished, lead-free optical crystals in several sizes. These crystals make great gifts and are an excellent keepsake of your images.

Why hire me for your photography needs?  I bring years of experience to every event I cover.  I also believe in having the right tools for the job.  For my photography, I trust Canon professional equipment.  You can be assured that when I show up at your event or session, I will be photographing you and your family with the finest optics on the market.   I have a variety of lenses and lighting for every purpose, and I utilize industry standard software for editing your images.  Before my current career in Suffolk County government I worked in graphic design and print production.  I worked on publications like Time Magazine, HBO publications, Hearst publications, RCA Victor Music products and Interscope Records, to name a few.

I'm happily married to my wife Leslie for nearly 25 years, and we have three sons that keep us busy, as well as out little dog Maddy, who has sat for me countless times as I tested some new piece of photographic equipment!

I am credentialed for media photography by the Suffolk County Police Dept, and my work can be seen in several local news publications as well as Sayville.com.

My Current Rates:

Location Portrait Session- $250.

Senior Portait Session- $150

Sweet 16, Christening, Anniversary Party- $600 up to 5 hours.

Weddings- For weddings I often shoot with another trusted photographer I work well with.  Two photographers allows for superior coverage of your day.  Rates vary and scheduling is limited.  Email me for further info.

3D crystal prices:

Half body 2x3x2 $85

Full body 2x3x2 $105

5x3x3 crystal $200

Text optional and is free of charge.

Poster Board Collages:

20x30 $80

16x20 $60

11x14 $40

Vinyl Banners- $80 (hemmed and with grommets)

(all prices subject to change)

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